Gala is the digitization of the one of the most important Italian typefaces of the twentieth century: G. da Milano’s 1935 Neon design for the Nebiolo foundry. This design’s importance is in being the predecessor – and perhaps direct ancestor – of Alessanro Butti’s Microgramma, which Aldo Novarese later expanded into Eurostile.

(via Gala font family | Canada Type)

Perhaps the dry transfer version used different drawings? Perhaps there were more Eurostile and Microgramma versions in circulation? Maybe the small type is set in Eurostile, the large type in Microgramma? Eventhough Eurostile was published in 1962, the fact that Lambert mentions Microgramma and not Eurostile might indicate that the first was in wider circulation? As the article indicates elsewhere in the movie Kubrick mixes and matches typefaces as well, so it could possibly be both Eurostile and Microgramma.