America ad agencies aren’t the only auto industry suppliers suffering from foot-in-mouth disease. Reuters reports that a Spanish Citroen ad has triggered quite a furor in China. The poster shows Chairman Mao looking down at a Citroen hatchback. The copy proclaims, “It’s true, we are leaders, but at Citroen the revolution never stops. We are once more going to put in motion all the machinery of our technological ability, in order to repeat in 2008 the successes obtained in previous years.” The picture of Mao is similar to one in Tianamen Square, with the the People’s Republic founder’s mouth distorted and squinting eyes. Once the ad hit the internet, the shit hit the fan. Chinese web slingers felt the ad was “not only insulting [to] Chairman Mao, but the whole Chinese nation… where Mao is greatly revered.” Citroen immediately pulled the ad and issued an apology. What effect the faux pas will have on Citroen’s Chinese sales remains to be seen.

The Chinese Classic animation is based on the comic books authored by well-known caricaturist, Chih-chung Tsai. Jamar Idea Production Co. is responsible for computer animation of the product. The content is the famous Chinese philosophical masterpieces, based on Mr. Tsai’s original work

Chih Chung Tsa – “Dice lo Zen” – Feltrinelli

Più di duemila anni fa un famoso saggio taoista, Chuang Tsu, scrisse un libro. Tsai Chih Chung, un maestro orientale del disegno a fumetti, lo ha illustrato. Ne è nato un nuovo genere letterario: un serio libro a fumetti che illustra una profonda sapienza non allo scopo di semplificarla, bensi’ di renderla chiara. Ne esce un volume di grande eleganza che dispiega con semplicità e rigore i principi fondamentali della meditazione buddhista.